Diet at high cholesterol level

High cholesterol level – diet

High cholesterol is a problem affecting more and more people. Today it is estimated that even about 50% of people over 60 years of age are ill due to high cholesterol, or they have a high cholesterol level, although they do not realize it without research.

Lipoprotein examination, carried out from a blood sample, is the basis for determining disorders and too high cholesterol level. The easiest way to cope with a high level of „bad” cholesterol is to change the diet.

Anticholesterol diet

Anticholesterol diet is first of all a skill of choosing the right products. High cholesterol is favoured by most products of animal origin, and their complete removal from the diet would mean a switch to a vegan diet. For this reason, you should first choose products that have less LDL, or „bad” cholesterol. This method of product selection reduces blood cholesterol levels to the normal values even after two or three months.

It is also important that these well selected products are properly prepared. The worst thing is continuous cooking. Much better way to prepare the ingredients for dinner will be to cook them in water or steam or simply bake them, preferably without the addition of fat. All animal fats, especially lard and butter, should be replaced with vegetable fats.

In the case of meat products, white lean meat is the least harmful. A very large number of „bad” cholesterol contains products such as offal or red meat, as well as eggs – and more specifically their yolks. They should be removed from the diet where possible, or at least severely reduced. In the case of fish, deep-sea marine fish are recommended; large quantities of herring, tuna and mackerel are not recommended.

There are no restrictions on the consumption of vegetables and seeds. Most vegetables are completely safe for people with high cholesterol. Various grains and nuts are also recommended, especially in Italy. They contain unsaturated acids, which have an excellent effect on the human body. When eating a diet against high cholesterol, eat bread containing a lot of fibre or wholemeal pasta.

Be careful when eating fruit. Most fruits contain a lot of sugar, which does not necessarily have to translate into their taste – this can be seen in the case of bananas, which have a high sugar content. The consumption of sugar as a beverage additive and all sweetened drinks should also be restricted. Allowable fruits are for example oranges or grapefruits, which contain quite a lot of vitamins and relatively little sugar.

Nutrition habits are an important guideline. Meals should be eaten regularly every 3-4 hours. What’s more, if we eat something that contains a lot of „bad” cholesterol, we should combine it with e. g.”bad” cholesterol. with vegetables that have a lot of’ good’ cholesterol, which inhibits the absorption of the former.

Juice Therapy – a natural remedy for lowering cholesterol: