Drinking alcohol and health

Alcohol and health

Nowadays, drinking alcohol is something „normal” but one should remember that drinking alcohol must be done with your head and not too often, because it can have unpleasant and serious consequences….

According to a study, drinking alcohol every day, even in the smallest amounts of alcohol, e. g. alcohol. one beer a day can cause addiction, depending on how many days we drink and how we react to it ourselves. Research also shows that if you drink alcohol 4 times a month in doses: women 150ml of vodka, men 200ml, we may have a problem with addiction.

What to do to avoid becoming addicted?

The answer as in any book: Don’t drink. In fact, everything is for people but in moderate quantities. If you drink with your friends once every three weeks without exceeding the above-mentioned doses, you can rest assured that you will not become addicted. Even if you drink more, but less often you can also be calm.

What happens to our liver?

The liver is affected by many environmental factors, not only alcohol drinking. Alcohol, however, in addition to addiction, cachexia, rinses out minerals and vitamins, as well as damaging the liver. After frequent drinking of alcohol and not necessarily large amounts of alcohol, you can already have hepatic steatosis. At a later stage even cirrhosis and jaundice. The fact that the liver is a regenerative organ does not mean that it can be used. The liver is considered a key organ in our body.

How do I take care of my liver?

The liver and diet have a lot in common with each other. The supply of unsaturated fatty acids, l-carnitine, chromium, selenium, l-arginine and methionine should be increased for fatty steatosis and liver prophylaxis. Of course, in addition to diet, you should start, although slowly practising sport. It does not have to be something great at once. Walking at the beginning is enough to activate metabolic mechanisms in the body and keep the orchid and liver in perfect shape.

3 simple cures liver cleansing: