How to rebuild enamel on teeth?

Enamel on teeth

Over time, tooth enamel becomes weaker, thinner and more sensitive. A diet that can weaken or strengthen enamel is also important. Dental hygiene also plays an important role.

If you want your enamel to last for a long time, you have to remember a few rules. The destructive factors include acids in fruit and juice. Wine, fizzy drinks, strong coffee and tea are also not used.

Caution! The enamel on teeth will strengthen an appropriate diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. A soft toothbrush, which during careful cleaning should be made sweeping from the gingival side – has a huge impact on the condition of teeth.

The order of care is also important. If you eat fruit, try to eat it during the main meal, not after it. After eating oranges or apples, do not wash your teeth with toothpaste for an hour, just rinse your mouth with water. Bibs protect the enamel. In order to have more of it, chew gum after a meal.

Soft toothbrush

Destroyed enamel on teeth can be the cause of their hypersensitivity. Therefore, only use a soft toothbrush and a mild toothpaste.

Boost your lip rinse liquid.

Every six months, visit a dentist who can recommend a liquid enamel preparation that helps remineralize the enamel.

Dental dairy products and vitamin D for teeth

Calcium is an essential building block for teeth. Vitamin D is needed to absorb food (it is easy to absorb in summer). Dairy milk, yoghurts and cheese are a well available source of calcium and you will find vitamin D in fish and egg yolks. It will also give you the sun.

Chewing gum without sugar for teeth

Our saliva naturally protects tooth enamel against damage and pathogenic bacteria. Contains calcium and phosphorus, which are important for teeth.

In order to have more saliva, it is worth chewing gum after every meal, but without the addition of sugar.

Caution! All colourful drinks, sweets and the acidic compounds and sugar contained in them lead to permanent damage to the enamel. The teeth are susceptible to artificial dyes present in sweet drinks. Always wash your teeth after them.

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